Scallop Scampi Zoodles


Recipe by source: Chop Happy

Sometimes its comfy cozy to eat a easy restaurant dinner on a Wednesday night at home! Living in the city that never sleeps me and Tom are always rushing during the week. So to break up the craziness I make mid-week celebration dinners. The only rule I have is it must be easy and fast to make. Its my middle of the week too lol! So scallops take 6 minutes and by using zoodles you save so much time. Make sure you find a way to stop the rush of your day and celebrate you and all the hard work you do. Cheers to recipes that inspire and celebrate you!

This Recipes Hack (make dinner faster):

  • Don’t watch water boil! Using zoodles saves the 5 minutes it takes for the water to boil and 10 minutes to cook regular pasta. Just drop the zoodles in with sauce and 30 seconds later its done.

  • Chose a fast protein. Scallops are soooo easy to cook! One side 2-3 minutes and other side 2-3 minutes and done! Less time cooking means more time chilling out!

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